Teh Tarik Champion

Monday, November 30, 2015

Teh Tarik Champion was held at Quill City Mall, smack in the center of the complex. We have variety of stalls that were selling unique teas and snack to match with it. We also have contestant, dueling against each other to see who can "pull the tea" in variety ways.

But the main focus wasn't just that. Our photo booth was many favorites for everyone. We use green screen to incorporate with the photo so that everyone photo looks like they're on the label of the Dairy Champ can's.

Using green screen is tedious job but with right angle and as well, technical side. We can make the picture to look good and as well, we will definitely ask them to pose and be smile in front of the camera. Ranging from childrens to families; enjoying their time.

Here are the result.

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