Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Ever since Lewis Hamilton became the world champion for the Grand Prix 2014 & 2015. Petronas decided to organize an event to make a tribute. The event was held right outside of KLCC, the place where spouting water show occurs. It lasted for a week, but the final day was 1st of December, that's where Lewis came over.

Of course, we decided to showcase one of our special product. A product that can give you an in depth, virtual experience. We called it "Visualize".

"The latest technology in creating virtual interactive worlds is now! A new experience has surfaced and we have just the tools to help you elevate the interactive game with your audience - VISUALIZE. We aim to provide the best virtual experience package with minimal effort only selecting the best apps and service to guide you into the virtual world. The future is now and we are set on bringing you the newest platform of virtual interaction!" - Wowsome

Visualize gives you an awesome experience of playing a game while using Oculus Rift. Not only you are going to just wear the headgear to watch it, but we have a set of tech to make you submerge in a real moment of a F1 driver on the race track.

Instead of explaining, check out some of the photos!

Not only our Visualizer featured in the event but our photobooth as well! Among the guest, enjoying every picture taken and printed. We also used green screen too! To let the guest know they are in grand prix itself!.

As you can see, that is the background you get with the green screen behind! 

All the guest enjoyed meeting Lewis and so do we, enjoying the guest using our awesome products.

(All images credit to Michael Koh & Gary Lee)

Check out the video too!

For more info, check out wowsome

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