Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Ranger is just not your ordinary drink. It's a drink that can bring out the inner tiger in you! (To keep you awake). Adding on, Ranger was featured in F&C grand dinner, over thousand of people attended this fun event.

Of course, this event wouldn't be complete without a photobooth. Not just an ordinary photobooth, but a morphing photobooth! Basically, we have the guest to transform their human face into a tiger. This project, we decided to approach another concept where not just taking a photo, but also, something different, something unique and morphing was the answer!

Our Wowbooth + is one of our latest product that not only just take photo, but also morph people faces into customized faces like Ranger tiger. Instead of showing pictures, let the video explains it!

Simple yet intriguing. Newly and redefined booth!

Check out the video too!

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