5 Ways To Choose An Awesome Photo Booth For Your Special Day

Monday, November 30, 2015

Weddings are consider sacred for the groom and the bride. The newly wed will always remember the best moment of their life while their family and friends celebrating their engagement.

For this exhibition in Midvalley, we have collaborated with few companies to create the spectacular wedding.

Wowsome that supplies the photobooth for you and the guest to enjoy, Pathway Events & Design designing your dreams to come true, Shaun Teo Creations for tasty cakes, The Ship Patesserie for wonderful macarons and Jon.C Photography to capture the moment.

Of course, weddings are always associated with a dinner. Alongside, the couple will have to decide the theme, invitations, the feast and as well, an optional of spectacular performance.Recently, we have decided to emerge in weddings now. Not only we do for public events, we also do weddings.

Why a photobooth? Simply speaking, we want the couple and guest to enjoy themselves in this memorable moment. They will never leave empty handed again. And who doesn't want their pictures to be printed?

Adding on, we also go on Instagram! Just put the hashtag of the event and it will be printed instantly.
So here is the guide on choosing us.

1) Tell us what is the theme. Themes are always important for our designers to put a layout of the prints.

2) Choose a backdrop. We have diverse of colors and patterns to suit the couple preferences.

3) Decide what kind of props you want or suits the theme. We got too many to count.

4) Inform us the date and arrival time of the guest to allow us to be extra early!

5) Lastly, choose your photobooth. We have 2 type of booth; one is for the hard copy while another is a moving picture for social media! We even have one that can do both!

With the given detail, we will organize the rest. We will also give you an unlimited print for all the guests.

For more info, check out wowsome.

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