Swarovski 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Swarovski decided to strike again in the heart of Pavilion. With the display of Christmas tree, decorated with their shimmering crystals. It sparkles beautifully when the light hits. The event was flooded with guest wearing the Christmas color of red and white.

That evening started with a a great performance of the violinist, models struting to show off the accessories, a speech by the founder of Swarovski and lastly but not least, a dance performance by the children and as well, professional dancers.

We even showed up at the event to support Swarovski and as well, our products. Wowmirror and as well, Movish appeared.

Wowmirror was a hit for the guest to get RM50 off of any Swarovski items. All you have to do is play a simple game from the mirror; everything is all kinect sensor which detects your movement. Once you finish the game, you get to pose for the camera and it will print out a picture alongside with the voucher. It is a very handy device for any events and get your guest to have fun too!

Don't worry, Wowmirror will be there after Christmas for you hands to get on those voucher.

Movish was also another great part of the event. Who doesnt want their funny action to be recorded and be posted on their social media.

 Both two product had similarity which was letting the guest have fun.

We sure hope you enjoyed the event as we really did!

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