Ericson 50th Annisvery Dinner

Friday, November 06, 2015

"At Ericsson, we strive to connect everyone, wherever they may be. Because by being connected, people can take part in the emerging global collaboration that is the Networked Society -€“ a society in which every person and every industry is empowered to reach their full potential.
Our services, software and infrastructure - especially in mobility, broadband and the cloud - are enabling the communications industry and other sectors to do better business, increase efficiency, improve their users' experience and capture new opportunities.
By enabling the Networked Society, we make a real difference to people'€™s lives, and the world we live in." - Ericson

Ericson Malaysia celebrated 50th Annisvery with a memorable dinner at Zebra Square, Kuala Lumpur. We were also invited to make our guest to have their awesome moment to be captured.

Our Wowbooth was pretty much a hit for all the guests to play. People from all ages had a great fun using it to look flawless in their pictures. The ladies and the gentleman sure did enjoy themselves.

The Wowbooth may be outside, but the dinner hall was breathtaking with a live performance of a sand art about the history of Ericson; the guest enjoyed the dinner and the live stream too.

We do hope our guest enjoyed this memorable night; not only leaving with a memory in their head, but their picture too.

Thank You! 

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