8TV Valentines Day X Chap Goh Mei 2014

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Last 14th February,it was an "East Meet West" double celebration of love where Valentine's Day and Chap Goh Mei both fall on the same day. Think about flowers, teddy bears, greeting cards and mandarin oranges ! It's a very special day for men to express and cherish their loved ones. 

To commemorate this day, a carnival event was organized and a total of 208 couples exchanged vows in a mass wedding ceremony in Thean Hou Temple, going through chanting ritual and to be blessed by a monk. The event was broadcasted by 8TV and we are glad to say we have partnered with our client 8TV on this special and prosperous day. A total of 3 WOW Photobooth was provided together with 2 type of beautiful photo-strip designs. This is one of the largest wedding groups that was organised in recent years! 

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