5 Things a Great Photobooth must have

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You are planning to hold a celebration. Be it your wedding, your birthday celebration, corporate branding, exhibitions, prom night, or even raves, the point of celebrating these is because they hold high value and memories which you would want to preserve for the rest of your life. 

Yes, food and drinks are essential while planning a event. Consider videos and photos too because this is how you would want to capture precious memories! We all know photo-booths are in the way to make our lives easier and bring unlimited fun to all our guests. That is why it is so IMPORTANT to make sure you choose the right and best photo-booth for that important event. 

Here's the TOP 5 factors to consider when choosing a photo-booth for your event : 

1. Great photo paper quality and speedy printing
We all know the photo strips that guests bring back home act as a preservation of memories. It is important to ensure the photo quality will not fade in years so to make the photos last longer. Also, how long should your guests wait for the printed photos after taking pictures? In this era, we would say the faster the better! Wowbooth is able to give you an 8 second print-out. That's in no time! It's also to avoid a long-queue for the guests.

2. Great camera and lighting
Nobody likes to look bad in photos. The camera and lighting is very important to ensure the outcome of the photos look amazing. Make sure the photo-booth crews (In Wow Photobooth, we call them event heroes!) arrive early to the venue to customize the best lighting for that environment. 

3. Great customization and design
The props is about everything. Take a nice prop and you'll know how to pose! Make sure the designer of the photo-booth of your choice understands what you want well. The theme of your event, the type of props you wish to have, the concept and all. A good designer will come up with WOWSOME appearance of both the booth design and the props and backdrops.

4. Great after-sales service and value for money
It's all about the money-money-money, NOT! You have a choice to choose between packages offered by the photo-booth company. If you are unsure whether the price offered is of the best value, you can always survey among other photo-booth companies, or more easily, just check out their past clients's testimonials and satisfaction! Also, extra-mile services? You can be ensured that Wow Photobooth will definitely go for the extra mile because they hold on to their principle of bringing HAPPINESS to everyone!

For example, Wow Photobooth offers photobook for the hosts too! Also, check out Wow Photobooth's all new TV 4R frame photobook ! Wow Photobooth is constantly coming up with countless extra-mile services, you can be ensured ! :)

5. Great event crews (Wow Angels and Heroes)
The photo-booth crews has a great responsibility! They are responsible for ensuring that the client and hosts are able to entertain guests with peace of their mind. Leave the photo-booth job for the Wow Angels and Heroes! They will assist the guests in photo-booth picture taking. Oh, make sure the crews are friendly with beautiful smiles. You know how smiles are contagious! Not forgetting, the event crews should come in presentable attire too. For example, an attire that follows the theme of the event!

That's right! That's the TOP 5 things to consider when choosing a photo-booth. And the best part? We at Wow Photobooth will go all out to achieve the best of these 5 things just for your happiness. Cheers! 

For more information, visit http://www.wowphotobooth.com.my/

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