MSIG Insurance - Matta Fair 2014 & Office Visit

Monday, March 31, 2014

Hello you who love travelling around the world, have you been to the Matta fair@PWTC last two weeks ? From 14th till 16th March, we're proud to say we have MSIG as our client ! In just that three days, MSIG had such a high crowd attraction with the help of the massive social impact from Wow Photobooth. Crowds were seen having so much fun snapping away pictures after pictures. Our image count went up to 2016 shots in just 3 days!

Because Wow Photobooth did a fantastic job providing happiness to so many visitors, our client MSIG decided to have an impromptu rent of Wow Photobooth for their employees back at their office. Yes, you heard that right! Just right 2 days after the Matta fair has ended, the MSIG management brought Wow Photobooth back to their office for all their employees to enjoy the fun and happiness. That's an entire 3 floors with almost 800 employees !

This was definitely a memorable milestone for Wow Photobooth, spreading happiness on-the-go !

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