Auto Salon Night 2013 III

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

 photo asn2013_2_wowphotobooth_b_zps5c4361ab.jpg  photo asn2013_2_wowphotobooth_c_zpsff7e455e.jpg  photo asn2013_2_wowphotobooth_e_zps795e538b.jpg  photo asn2013_wowphotobooth_e_zps98a4ff4c.jpg  photo asn2013_2_wowphotobooth_g_zps1ca5a3a9.jpg  photo asn2013_2_wowphotobooth_f_zpsd78b8884.jpg  photo asn2013_2_wowphotobooth_i_zpsf2076abf.jpg  photo asn2013_2_wowphotobooth_h_zpsfe374ede.jpg  photo asn2013_2_wowphotobooth_j_zpscb4c0d0b.jpg  photo asn2013_2_wowphotobooth_k_zpsffceeb5a.jpg AUTO SALON NIGHT 2013, The final day of the event. The crowd is getting crazy and awesomeness. Yes, we provided four templates to choose on that day. And of course, we glad that people enjoy with those bubble talks during the photobooth session. We proudly to say million thanks to ASN Malaysia for such a great event. Last but not least, WOW Photobooth just can't wait to rock the ASN 2014, see you guys next year! #wowbooth

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