Jane Chuck's 21st Baddest Birthday

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

 photo IMG_9880_zps50b497a5.jpg  photo IMG_9803_zps0a5862f3.jpg  photo IMG_9809_zps9f6a82f0.jpg  photo IMG_9840_zpsd8ff4c96.jpg  photo IMG_9778_zps083587f1.jpg  photo IMG_9873_zpsde0b74c5.jpg  photo IMG_9871_zps45a79f6a.jpg  photo IMG_9860_zpscb08b70b.jpg  photo IMG_9858_zpsc15732bb.jpg  photo IMG_9812_zps515ca70d.jpg  photo IMG_9799_zps809302c3.jpg  photo IMG_9795_zpsa82f2732.jpg  photo IMG_9830_zpsb3bf9491.jpg  photo IMG_9791_zps15cf1fad.jpg  photo IMG_9876_zps3b186fc5.jpg  photo first_post2_zpsda38503a.jpgJANE CHUCK, Our famous blogger. Happy Belated 21st Birthday to you! Everybody went pretty crazy with their coolest-personality-outfit! They were bad-rock at our photobooth of course. We totally love the concept, foods and the location as well, Palete Palette, Changkat KL. Last but not least, we felt so awesome and happy for Jane, the best birthday themed ever!

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