Auto Salon Night 2013 II

Monday, September 02, 2013

 photo asn2013_wowphotobooth_c_zpsa3c21c3e.jpg  photo asn2013_wowphotobooth_d_zps8d8be274.jpg  photo asn2013_wowphotobooth_b_zps98428ab2.jpg  photo asn2013_wowphotobooth_r_zps0cce8dce.jpg  photo asn2013_2_wowphotobooth_d_zps2240fa01.jpg  photo asn2013_wowphotobooth_g_zps4d682e16.jpg  photo asn2013_wowphotobooth_f_zpscd22b1d4.jpg  photo asn2013_wowphotobooth_s_zps3ed986df.jpg  photo asn2013_wowphotobooth_t_zps4222066d.jpg  photo asn2013_wowphotobooth_u_zps6dbf0429.jpg AUTO SALON NIGHT II. The first day was awesome especially at night. As what you can see, we got a chance to met our gorgeous ASN Starlet, Leng Yein is in the house! and she rocks the booth as well. We just launched our INSTAWOW template on that day and we glad that people enjoy it, just like our supporting policeman and the gang. Enjoy the pictures! #wowbooth

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