Harper's Bazaar - The Fashion Party

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Fashion Party of Harper's Bazaar Malaysia on 11th March 2015. Another event by Andrewsmodels. 

'BLACK, WHITE& BRIGHT' was the theme of the night. A spectacular podium was setup as part of the  photo backdrop at the main entrance. Celebrities and fashion VIPS flock all over the entrance as photographers snap away.

This is our second event we collaborated with Andrewsmodels, so we decided to put our Wowgram at main entrance, since people are crazy about Instagram they would snap and upload images and head to our booth for immediate collection - hashtag of the night #BAZAARParty2015. Yes, this time we brought 2 Wowgram's (Rose) as we know one Rose is not enough! 

Wowmirror was the clear winner that night because it can take a full body picture. Guest were dressed to impress and Wowmirror made the biggest impression making the overall feel like a red carpet experience! The guest felt pretty, glamorous, and stunning.

Of course our Wowbooth, Mini Jack is always a hit with everyone, even Amber Chia could not resist! This is the moment when everyone gets creative with the props, awesomeness and craziness ensues! Fitted with our signature backdrop, the images captured are just stunning and people have the option to have the photo sent straight by email using the iPad kiosk while awaiting for the photo to be printed.

Last but not least, It's show time! Big applause to our local fashion designers like Alia Bastamam, Rizman Ruzaini, Fizi Woo, Afiq M. for an amazing fashion show on that night!

We rocked the event with  Wowmirror, Wowbooth & Wowgram. Other sponsors include; Mini Cooper, NARS, L'Oreal, AndrewsModels, Intercontinental Hotel KL, Moet & Chandon, WOWSOME!

#BAZAARPARTY2015 = 7,556,214 audiences. more than 100,000 likes on Instagram & Facebook.
click the link to view the wowbooth pictures on that night!

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