MONKI 3rd Outlet Launching

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

We’re so thrilled to take part in the MONKI 1 Utama Pre-Opening Party on 5th of December 2014!

    (Credit to Michelle Lim)

We were invited by MONKI to their launching event as part of their promotion on Monki goods! We at Wowsome wanted to make the launch a memorable night so we did what we do best – social media Instagram prints! a.k.a Wowgram!

How does this work?

Hashtag #MONKISTYLE at the event and our Wowgram will track and print your photo instantly! These credit card sized photos are the perfect gift to the guest at the launch party because what other way to know what you Monki clothes or accessories you like than to take home a picture with you in it?!

The guest we pleasantly pleased and ecstatic when they saw their pictures on our stand and proceeded to take more picture, thus uploading more pictures!

    (Credit to Sizzling Suzai)

Overall the event was a success! And we are happy to be a part of Monki’s launch party, and to see the smiles on the guests’ face was priceless.

Our Wowsome live-feed monitor drew most attention when people stare and anticipate their images being displayed. The night went on with many more photos and although it was only a few hours, it was a blast! 

    (Credit to Michelle Lim)

Stats were compiled at the end of the event and although we only had 54 Instagram users upload their pictures, but the reach was an amazing 456,034 people! Garnering over 13,904 likes over the night and #MONKISTYLE was indeed a success, we are not joking people!

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