KLFW 2016 - Ready to Wear

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

2016 August 17th,  Wowsome back at it again in yet another Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.  It is been a fantastic week in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, we hope you fashionistas out there had a blast this 2016 KL Fashion Week.

We appreciate the love and support of you wonderful people have for us in the past, for this KL Fashion Week we brought more "Toys" with us, the classic that everyone loves, the new kid on the block and something you never seen before.

Wowbooth with KLFW 2016's prefered travel partner - AirAsia 

Movish alongside the astonishing floral backdrop by BlueInc

Swing by and have some fun with us, both activation of Wowbooth & Movish were deployed to keep you occupied while waiting for the show to begin, so don't be shy and step into the ring for an amazing time.
Movish Customized Project - Wall of Fame


The Wall of Fame features a customized V- shaped reflective surface backdrop to create a illusive effect while capturing footage of the guests' ootd (outfit of the day). 


The huge LED panel that can be spotted right outside of Pavillion, will feature some of the ootd footage generated from the Wall of Fame and live feed onto the big screen.  


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